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A quick blog about Artificial Intelligence - level: basic, everyday chit-chat
Firstly, I know next to nothing about artificial intelligence (AI). This blog is about the potential amount of loneliness and faked company we may feel if robots become our friends in the future.

I just read this: - [accessed today 12/11/14].

Bill Gates predicts that lots of people are going to be put out of work due to machines taking our jobs... well, it seems to have been going this way for years, doesn't it.

Not only would robots be taking our jobs but they would curse us even further into the blackened and damned hellhole that is unnatural, cold disconnection and unrelenting loneliness. Already, many of us sit in homes on video games, on laptops, on iPads and mobile phones. TVs are becoming more lifelike by the day, with 3D images taking up residence in our brains and inviting us to set up base in a virtual world.

Knowing that a computer is a computer and not a 'real' human just makes everything seem unreal. Computers would never replace the colourful, enriched, happy feelings one gets when they share a cuddle with someone feeling the same. Even if computers became equipped with emotions. The very knowledge that it is a computer just doesn't replace warm, wholesome, snug embrace with another.

Artificial intelligence will make us feel more than just 'artificial'.


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