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What do you seem to be chasing all your life that you just cannot get?
What are you chasing constantly? Is it self-acceptance? Security? Comfort? Love?

Me, I'm always chasing unconditional love. Unconditional love from someone is a beautiful idea. But that's the very thing. I chase it. So I don't ever get it, or once I get it I end up losing it in pursuit of it. I'm a 21 year old woman... It is supposed to be the man chasing the woman, naturally. Yet I chase unconditional love.

I control the relationship I'm in, most of the time, as much as I can. Yet why not just give up that control? Just give it up. Why do things have to go my way all the time? Surely I can just leave my boyfriend to it and let him come to me, in his own time, freely.

Think about it: is it better for you to have someone you love approach you because you've given them no other choice (through manipulation/control), or would it be better if they approached you whilst you weren't expecting it?

I got up this morning, trying to chase something (unknowingly) and once again it went. I don't blame myself. I blame the human workings of social connection/frequency/vibration/whatever you want to call the logical workings of PEOPLE. Basically we are hard wired to resist controlling behaviours by others. And for good reason too.


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