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Brain injury, rambling thoughts.
Find out what 'neurorehabilitation' actually means. There are a few of 'em involved in the book I'm reading.

What does 'non-progressive' brain injury mean? - Well, 'progressive disease' means that the disease basically gets worse over time, in whatever way it does, not necessarily meaning death but in some cases yes. There are: rapidly progressive; slowly progressive - the former referring to day/weeks, latter referring to months/years.

Read Oliver Sacks. I'm currently reading about encephalitis, as it is an ABI.

General: Short term memory is where no physiological imprint is made in the brain, but long term memory is a physiological imprint that's made and is permanent.

Short term memory cannot take overload, no matter what. Short term memory is easily disturbed, but LTM is passive and stays no matter what.

STM is the second-long holding of a few pieces of information in the relative present. Remember magic 7 plus/minus 2.

We can apparently hold between 5 and 9 pieces in STM.

STM - recalling information is easy if we scan the whole of STM.

LTM - of course we cannot scan the whole of our LTM so LTM recall works by cues.

LTM - meaning
STM - acoustic

STM - if info not processed immediately/rehearsed then it is forgotten.
LTM - forgetting here occurs if the cue disappears

STM - functions by frontal lobe
LTM - functions by hippocampus, then transferred to cerebral cortex (which part of depending on language and perception).



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