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I'm Catherine

I'm very analytical

Right now I feel as though everything is de-saturated in colour. There's one specific rule and everything has been laid out like a row of dominoes. Those last two points there I have believed for years.

Have a passion for psychology.

Started at the foundations first; I had a major breakdown at 16 and then psychoanalysed myself to no end since then, starting off with Buddhist philosophy about the 'ego' etc. - I have really moved on since then.

My other accounts (past ones, of which I was abundantly immature)
include: apathetic_xx alostreality xpsychosisx . . . I warn you, they are the typical angsty teenage blogs you get. But they do show my journey to adulthood. I reckon they're good reading material for those potentially high up on the 'autistic spectrum'.

They were blogs that were more 'diary' entries and more personal & immature. Nevertheless I am revealing them because I have no shame in communicating to you of the pathway of mental processes which have led me to the present.

Enough talking about me, I want YOU to get something out of reading this blog, too. If you want.

UPDATE: I have another blog called 'imfinished44' but I never use this and it has one single post in it.

Also, PLEASE be TRUTHFUL when you are writing about yourself and try to be as accurate to reality as possible; if you think that you are being clouded by emotion as you write the blog, then SAY THIS, so that I can infer that you may not be being as objective and rational as you can be.

I blog purely so that people can learn from human behaviour, so that people can think about things they may think they're alone in thinking & so that *I* can learn from my OWN behaviour -as I read back on these blogs all the time.

I don't only want to learn about myself, I want to learn about OTHER PEOPLE and their experiences and how they feel, think and do. Please be as honest and accurate as you can - I like to believe that I am honest.